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My name is Bruce Dell and I am the owner of Dell Metal Polishing. I think I am best known for my commitment to quality. Because every part that leaves my shop passes thru only my hands, I can promise that your parts will receive the attention and skill that is needed to restore them to the"Show Winning Quality" you desire. Good Enough is not an option in my shop. I understand that it would be easy for anyone to make such a statement. I think my history speaks for itself. In 30 years I do not know of one customer that has not returned, or did not refer a friend to me because of poor quality. I contribute this to the high quality standards and skills that I learned early in life as a kid working with my father in this business. My services have contributed to many top awards and has complemented many beautiful restorations. I say this with pride and feel it has been a privilege..

Dell Metal Polishing restores stainless steel trim moldings for all vintage automobiles, trucks, marine, aviation and motorcycles. I remove all the blemishes, dings, and scratches. After these repairs are made to your molding, it is off to polishing. My polishing procedures include several stages of abrasives and buffing. The end product has a very straight, bright, highly buffed luster that looks better than most chrome.

I often repair moldings that most shops would turn away. Because difficult repairs are very labor intensive, I always make sure that a replacement molding has not been overlooked. The condition of your moldings obviously effects the restoration cost. The better the part, the less the labor. Because of this I do not have a magic formula to charge by the inch or foot. I charge by the labor hour.

I hope to be a part of your restoration. Please call me with any questions.
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